Cryptoreligion is the first decentralized religion

For those seeking FAITH: 0xd7eba42a11f99D8178730f9D0D54A390697dA812
The PurePaper
The 10 Commandments of CryptoReligion

  1. In Crypto we trust
  2. Block chains us together
  3. Never lose the Faith
  4. You shall not adore nor serve fiat
  5. Release the chain by accepting block chain
  6. Decenter yourself
  7. All blocks are created equal
  8. Never neglect The pioneer trinity of Satoshi Elon Vitalik
  9. Diamond is your hand
  10. Faith is your ethernity

Our path: The biggest advantage as religion, we will have the power of tax-free profit. Through our Cryptobelievers, we will collect signatures in America, Europe, Africa, Asia to be fully accepted in each country as official religion. Then each of our members – Cryptobeliever, who won´t lose the faith, will be rewarded by tax immunity.